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Robyn Ashley: Focusing on Our Strengths and Letting Our Weaknesses Go

Robyn Ashley is a singer songwriter from Edmonton, AB who has a passion for all things music!

Her favourite genres include country, pop, and rock. Robyn’s values as an Artist are centred around community engagement and authenticity.

She values the emotional experience that can be found through music and strives to bring joy to others through performance and song.

Robyn currently performs at a wide variety of venues thorough out the city and in her spare time is an avid Karaoke goer.

She loves singing with her community! Robyn can be found on social media at @robynashleymusic 

 She is currently working on original music that is expected to make its debut in 2023.

Until then, check out her social media where you can find a mixture of updates, snippets, and fun!

Listen to this Episode with Robyn Ashley and ZAK of the Canadian Podcast on Spotify.

Canadian Podcast with ZAK
Canadian Podcast with ZAK
Zak, @YYCinfluencer is the founder and host of the show, Canadian Podcast where he shares the inspiring stories of his guests through their journey in life, community and their respected field of expertise. The and are a distributing division of the Canadian Podcast Network.


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