Reid Henuset: Learning about the aquaponic farm business, deep water farms.

Zak @YYCinfluencer and Reid Henuset, partner at Deepwater Farms in Calgary, Alberta chat on the industry, how the pandemic has shifted their business from focusing on the restaurants to now being in big grocery stores.

Deepwater Farms is helping lead the way in aquaponic technology, and bridging the gap between sustainable farming and the local community. We aim to make fresh produce accessible to all families in our community.

After two years, Deepwater Farms has created an eco-friendly indoor environment that can sustainably grow food year round using our own proprietary technology.

This means that we can grow and sell produce to community partners who place high value on locally sourced food, without being restricted by climate. Deepwater Farms has partnered with industry leaders in sustainability to grow food 3x faster while using over 95% less water than traditional methods.

With your support, we will grow and develop into a bigger facility in order to not only provide more restaurants access to our produce, but educate, support, and empower more local growers to meet the growing demand for local Calgary food.

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