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We all experience moments in our lives where and when we feel overwhelmed by negative emotions and thoughts. It’s easy to let these feelings control our actions, leading us to make bad choices or decisions that can be detrimental to our well-being.

However, with determination and focus, I know it is possible to break free, at-least in the moments that can creep up on us from the cycle of negativity by practicing a few simple strategies when needed..

First, recognize the thought or emotion that is keeping you from taking action. Is it anxiety? Fear? Self-Doubt?

When we Acknowledge what it is without judgment and take a moment to become aware of what is causing the feeling. I believe this truly will help identify how exactly our thoughts are impacting our behaviour.

Second, assess whether this thought or emotion has any truth to it. Ask yourself if there is any evidence supporting it and whether it is based on fact or opinion as oftentimes we can get caught up in our own minds and it’s a tough safe to be in, especially when we start to do things around self sabotage.

You may find that the feeling comes from a past experience and that it no longer applies to a current situation.

Third, what I do is to try and reframe the thought or emotion in a positive way by changing the perspective on what is disturbing whatever happiness and peace looks like, so, Instead of letting yourself be overwhelmed by negative feelings, focus on potential opportunities for growth or change.

This will help you stay motivated and take action instead of avoiding it due to fear or anxiety.

Finally, this does sound daunting and time consuming and it is a cliche but it’s self-care and finding something calming like taking deep breaths, enjoying your favourite podcast, meditating, journaling, going for a walk, listening to music or whatever helps you feel your best self.

These activities can help you relax and let go of your negative thoughts so you can make healthier decisions with confidence, for me I enjoy trying something new, doodling, painting or those long walks with my dog, Ari.

By using these strategies that have helped me in moments of life, I hope you can learn to cope better if you struggle with letting your negative thoughts and emotions determine your behaviour.

This is not a one and done situation as I feel it’s a constant work in progress and With practice, I hope you will be able to break free from this cycle of negativity and make positive changes in your life.

Until Next time,

Your friend – Zak

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