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We have all felt this, I mean after all, aren’t we human?

It is often difficult to regulate our emotions when we feel down. Studies show that negative emotions can have a powerful and pervasive effect on how we think, act, and interact with others.

However, I have started implementing and practicing a few things over the past years, since my sobriety date of November 25, 2020 which is that there are ways to manage these feelings in order to make us more resilient and emotionally balanced.

One way that I have learned to help regulate my emotions is through mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation involves focusing our attention on the present moment without judgment or interpretation of our thoughts and feelings.

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Research has shown that engaging in mindful awareness can help reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and rumination; increase emotional regulation skills; improve self-esteem; and even lead to greater academic performance. It also helps us become less reactive towards others’ opinion and more aware of our own emotional needs.

Another way to regulate my emotions and that has been something of interest to me is through cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT). CBT which helps when wanting to become aware of the patterns of thinking and the unhelpful habits that may lead us to negative emotions. It also helps identify the irrational thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and others, and teaches me new, healthier ways of thinking. This journey of life is never perfect – I am always striving to be a better me for me and concurrently for the folks and community that I surround myself with.

Such techniques include challenging unrealistic expectations, reframing negative statements into positive ones, and developing problem solving skills in order to effectively manage difficult emotions.

One thing that I have realized is that just as it is difficult, it is important to take care of ourselves when we are feeling down. Self-care involves recognizing our own emotional needs and engaging in activities that help address them.

Examples of self-care include engaging in physical activity, writing in a journal, creating time for yourself to relax and unwind without feeling guilty about it, getting enough sleep, and eating healthy foods.

By recognizing my own emotions and utilizing these strategies, I believe it is possible even when we feel it is not needed to look within and I believe that we can all learn to better regulate them when we feel down.

By doing so can help us become more emotionally balanced and resilient individuals. It is essential that we take the steps necessary to practice these techniques in order to create a healthier psychological environment for ourselves.

What have been some things that you have implemented into your regiment to get you out of some of the dark times, as we all go there sometimes – the goal is to not stay there for long and to get back on the horse to live a fulfilled, happy, peaceful and joyous rest of our lives.

Until next time – Love & Light,

Your friend, ZAK

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