Yes, you can use your iPhone as a podcast microphone. You just need to get an external microphone that is compatible with your iPhone. This could be either a USB or Lightning connection depending on the model of your device. At the Canadian Podcast, we have utilized this method as our last resort when doing an in-person interview if all things stop working.

We use the IOS, Voice Memos built-in application but there are many other choices to choose from.

Once you have this connected, make sure to adjust the input settings in your audio recording app so that it’s picking up from the external microphone instead of the built-in one. With the right setup, your iPhone can work as a great podcasting tool!

Before you start recording, remember to do a sound check by speaking into the mic and playing it back. This will help ensure that what you’re hearing is clear and accurate before starting to record your podcast episode. Also make sure to turn off any background noise that may interfere with your recording. With the right setup, you’ll be able to get great sounding recordings from your iPhone podcast microphone!