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Facing our shadow includes aspects of ourselves that may not align with societal expectations or the beliefs we were raised with. When we don’t acknowledge and accept our shadow, we can become disconnected from our true selves.

Facing my shadow means learning to accept and embrace all parts of myself – both the good and the bad.

This process has involved becoming aware of my individual values, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses and desires. It also involves examining how these qualities show up in different areas of my life.

Doing this work has helped me to understand and heal past trauma, build self-confidence and as I continue on a daily basis to work at this, I know it creates healthier relationships which can help each one of us grow immensely.

Facing our shadow requires courage and patience. It is normal to feel scared or overwhelmed as we dig deeper into ourself, but it’s important to practice self-compassion throughout the process.

With time and in my journey of shadow work, I have been able to identify and start accepting all parts of myself, learn from my shadow, and use it as a source of strength.

By facing our shadow and learning to love ourself more deeply, I have found that we can move forward on the path towards healing and transformation.

Facing our shadow is an ongoing journey that requires commitment. It is important to remember that it is not about becoming “perfect”; rather, it is about honouring and accepting who we are as a whole. With practice and dedication, we can build a greater understanding of ourself and gain the freedom to live authentically.

One of the greatest lessons learned through the process has been to realize how important it is to have people on our side as we work through this process.

Having a supportive friend, family member or therapist can help us to stay grounded and offer perspective when needed. Most importantly, through the journey of shadow work, I have learned is be kind to ourself throughout our journey and know that we are capable of facing our shadow, even when it becomes intimidating.

In doing the work I know, we can unlock our inner potential and learn to live a more meaningful and peaceful life.

Until next time,

Your friend – ZAK

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