Zac Trolley: Drinking water from the moon is sustainable for Canadian space explorations

Ep. 01 | Canadian Podcast w/ Zac Trolley of Lunar Water Supply Co. NASA has set their sights on returning to the Moon with its Artemis program.

Scientists and mission planners have highlighted water as a critical resource for human exploration of the Moon and beyond. In addition to life support, water can be split into hydrogen and oxygen to make rocket fuel.

With the discovery of frozen water on the Moon the general consensus is that extracting water on the Moon for use in space would be dramatically cheaper than bringing it from Earth.

The Lunar Water Supply company was founded to do just that.

Their aim is to extract, purify, store, and sell water on the Moon.

They believe that by leveraging the experience and talent within the Canadian resource sector we can lower their development costs and timelines. #Canadianspace #SpaceCanada #CanadianPodcast

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